April 08, 2014

New York, New York

Let me first dust off my blog and then say a most over-due hello! I would like to say my absence was due to being engrossed in studying and excelling at university but alas, I have carried over my unorganised ways from sixth form to my degree. Instead, a lazy disposition and my broken camera charger (which I have finally gotten replaced, hallelujah) have kept me from posting but now I'm feeling inspired to get back on top of things and back to blogging! The main spark for this was my recent trip to the one and only New York city, where ambition is tangible on every street. It was such a wonderful experience and, as I haven't travelled very much, it was the perfect way to gain some serious culture-vulture points. Initially, the place terrified me. Everything only ever comes in enormous - big signs, massive advertisements and towering, grey buildings seemed an intimidating force to be reckoned with - but then I realised that also included the energy, spirit and talent of the city. It seems the kind of place you could explore for years and never tire of, always discover in and feel endlessly inspired by. I was really enraptured by the diversity of New York, from the contrasts between brick buildings and countless neon signs to the kaleidoscopic style and individuality of the people that live there. It's also well and truly the city that never sleeps - I was out each day at six in the morning to make the most of the trip and the place was alive with people. Although, getting up at crazy o'clock still didn't allow me to fit everything in (good excuse for a round two, right?). Fortunately, I did manage to see a lot - from the Guggenheim, MoMA, and the theatre to the Public Library, Central Park and (always a favourite of mine) second-hand bookshops. Even my memory card couldn't cope with all the sights - it ran out many a time - but I thought I'd compile a video and post some photos to show a good portion of where I went. I must have looked like the typical tourist, although I did stop myself from dressing in Statue of Liberty merchandise and wearing a fanny-pack so I didn't go all out, I'm afraid. C'est la vie!

Gah, it already feels like a distant dream! How are you spending your week? 
Have a wonderful day,
Eva xxx

October 28, 2013


 (Coat - Paraphrase from TkMaxx, £34.99, Jumper - New Look, Skirt & Necklace - Charity Shop, Polkadotted Tights - H&M, £6.99, Boots - Vagabond, Backpack - Lacoste)
Hello! It has been far too long since I last posted and how much has changed in that time! A few months ago I was incredibly unsure of where I would be and how the next few months would work out. I can say with relieved conviction that I am now quite happy as an English undergraduate at my hoped-for University of Southampton (although the workload is less than forgiving), living in a pretty wunderbar house and enjoying it immensely! Although the South has been kind with the weather so far, the cold and rain is starting to settle in and my student finance was given a little lease of life this weekend as I decided to finally replenish my wardrobe with winter coats. It's usually such a bother to search out the perfect one, but TkMaxx was stocked up to perfection and this bargain saved a day of shop crawling. Although it's a little large, my navy number feels like such a duvet - which definitely means I will fall asleep in a lecture in the near future. My course is actually proving to be a very interesting one, my favourite so far being the poetic language module. As my mother says, poetry is the painting of English Literature! I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite poets - W. H. Auden perhaps surpassing the rest. I'm sure most will have heard of the poem below, if only for a good taste in Hugh Grant films (Four Weddings and a Funeral, anyone?). I carried them about in my trusty rucksack, which is proving a godsend to lug about my ever-increasing amount of notepads and 'Learning to Love Poetry' and 'Reflections on Austen' books. Oh the joy! 
On the uplifting note of Auden's poem, I thought I'd also take the chance to share a couple of photos of my new home! After plastering my walls with a medley of Klimt pieces, old postcards and questionable Tracey Emin pictures, I am more than happy to waste my days studying in my new room. It feels like I'm home. Unfortunately, it betrays my innate nerdiness with my growing list of words I like to note down. And yes, before you ask, my middle name does so happen to be coolsuave. Catchy.
 How's your Autumn going? Have a wonderful week,
Eva xxx

July 25, 2013

Hello (Finally!)

Hello! It has been a severely long time since I last posted on here, and I thought I better take a few photos before the British sunny spell is over. Unfortunately, the week of sleeping after my exams finished and the sprained ankle I got straight after trying to emulate Djokovic during a tennis match meant that it has been difficult to return sooner (I had a humorous day today of determined hobbling with my trusty camera). A few weeks of recovery and crutching about later, here I am! It was pretty difficult to get an outfit photo seeing as I've very cleverly lost my tripod plate and had to spend the remainder of the day furiously tying my camera strap up and panicking that it would meet the tarmac at any moment - but I thought I would try and show my latest find from Topshop. Whilst I love a lot of their designs, the manufacturing seems so cheap! All their expensive garments seem to fall apart within a week, whilst my trusty second-hand shop finds never wear out. Perhaps it's just me, but I am forever on Team Charity Shop! Nevertheless, I do admittedly rather like this latest addition to my floordrobe, especially seeing as it's pretty perfect for the lovely weather we've been having (despite my only enjoying it through the window given my recent bedridden state!). I've been whiling the sunny days away with my Summer reading list - and thought I'd share some of my favourite with any other bookworms out there, though my German script of Tarantino's Inglorious may not be widely appealing. Just Kids has to be one of my ultimate favourite books now and I strongly recommend it for anyone interested in the Beatnik generation and a nostalgia for an old America. Poetry wise, Larkin amongst many others is the man for me. Something about his bitter male cynicism strikes a chord for me. Potentially worrying.
 How are you spending your Summer? Any books to recommend for the sunny days? I shall be returning much sooner and hopefully with a rediscovered tripod plate! 
Have a wonderful day and an even better Summer,
Eva xxx
P.S. I am now on a technological contraption called Instagram! If you want to see my daily meals and trees (as I think they're the main things going) then voilá - and let me know yours. Bis bald!

April 20, 2013

Arty Expedition

Hello! Hope you're having a lovely start to the weekend. I have been looking forward to it immensely, after having my first of last-year exams this week. Fortunately they went well, but the stress of it all (I am a wreck when it comes to exam worries) would definitely not have been missed. So this weekend I decided to cheer myself up and head to Birmingham's art galleries. Hopefully if you ever visit the city and are prone to being a 'culture-vulture' like myself, then this post may come in handy. First on the map was Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, which has my favourite art movement and guilty pleasure to offer - the Pre-Raphaelites and a cinnamon swirl! Here's a few (or many) snaps of what caught my eye; my particular favourites were the decorated tiles by William De Morgan and Rossetti's beautiful paintings. Which are yours?
After having a lovely explore through all the creative treasures (and having gotten a snap of my mundane outfit), my mom and I headed over to the Ikon Gallery which always has some interesting exhibitions. I often enjoy looking at people observing the pieces rather than looking at the pieces themselves. It may sound odd, yet I find it quite interesting! The galleries were ever so perfect to relax before my Sunday of work, and a great idea for a day out, no matter where you live. So many of them are free, and offer such a lot!
What's your favourite thing to do for 'de-stressing'?
Have a lovely weekend,
Eva xxx