April 20, 2013

Arty Expedition

Hello! Hope you're having a lovely start to the weekend. I have been looking forward to it immensely, after having my first of last-year exams this week. Fortunately they went well, but the stress of it all (I am a wreck when it comes to exam worries) would definitely not have been missed. So this weekend I decided to cheer myself up and head to Birmingham's art galleries. Hopefully if you ever visit the city and are prone to being a 'culture-vulture' like myself, then this post may come in handy. First on the map was Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, which has my favourite art movement and guilty pleasure to offer - the Pre-Raphaelites and a cinnamon swirl! Here's a few (or many) snaps of what caught my eye; my particular favourites were the decorated tiles by William De Morgan and Rossetti's beautiful paintings. Which are yours?
After having a lovely explore through all the creative treasures (and having gotten a snap of my mundane outfit), my mom and I headed over to the Ikon Gallery which always has some interesting exhibitions. I often enjoy looking at people observing the pieces rather than looking at the pieces themselves. It may sound odd, yet I find it quite interesting! The galleries were ever so perfect to relax before my Sunday of work, and a great idea for a day out, no matter where you live. So many of them are free, and offer such a lot!
What's your favourite thing to do for 'de-stressing'?
Have a lovely weekend,
Eva xxx


  1. What a beautiful day, really beautiful.

  2. I always want to go and look around art galleries but some how never seem to find the time. I am definitely feeling inspired to make more of an effort by your pictures.

  3. Such lovely photographs! I love art museums, so great to spend the day looking at amazing artwork =)

    Suzie Q

  4. I like art and these pics are beautiful, I´d love to have more time to visit more art museums


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